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What is Windsurfing? Who does it suit and how to get started?

A bit of history:

Windsurfing was developed in 1969 by engineer Jim Drake, who added a sail to a normal surfboard, harnessed himself to it and left himself to the mercy of the wind. At the end of the sixties the first commercial model made its debut appearance in California and was appropriately named "Windsurfer". Organizations, and schools quickly formed along with rules, regulations and numerous competitions.
Windsurfing is literally surfing with as sail that is attached to a surfboard that uses wind power to glide over the water. Windsurfing entails a combination of dealing with the powerful forces of sea and wind and provides an amazing sense of excitement.

Who is it for?

Windsurfing is suitable for all ages, starting at age 6. No special equipment is needed and no prior knowledge – we'll provide you with everything you need. Our sails and surfboards are modern and individually suited to each student.

Getting Started

  • CONTACT US , sign up for a one hour trial lesson with a Surf Center instructor and jump into the water! Thanks to our study strategies even an hour is enough time to open the door to this sweep away sport.


  • Feel like taking it to the next level? Sign up for a 5 session windsurfing course. Each session lasts for one hour and includes instruction and practice. After finishing the course you will have reached the point where you are able to rent equipment to carry on improving your technique. ​
  • After the course, we offer discounted rental cards with a choice of 3, 5 or 10 hours so you can practice what you have learned in class.
  • Now that you are completely addicted, we offer a range of professional Windsurfing equipment to suit all levels.  (How long can you carry on sharing with others….?)

Why US?

Surf Center surf club has over 23 year's reputation and is a renowned marine trademark in Israel. All our instructors are professionally trained to the highest of standards; some of whom are Wingate graduates, majoring in sailing. A positive attitude, patience and a relaxed pleasant atmosphere is our prime superiority and ensures our students receive high standard service with a smile.

The club is located in Eilat on Coral Beach, opposite the Orchid Reef Hotel.

Fantastic weather all year round, comfortable water temperatures and perfect sea conditions have placed Eilat on the map as one of the world's prime resorts to learn Wind surfing.

For further information, please contact us at + 972 8-6371602

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