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What exactly is a Sup? Who does it suit and how to get started?

Sup stands for STAND UP PADDLE BOARD. It is mainly a large surfboard used to stand on and with the use of a paddle, gain speed and maneuver. The combination of surfing, rowing and physical exercise at sea has transformed Sup into one of the world's most popular surf sports.
Instead of going to the gym, simply hop on a Sup board and enjoy the ultimate workout that combines cardio, muscle endurance, posture improvement, flexibility and coordination.

Who is it for?

If you are aged 8-80 then Sup is definitely for you. Sup suits men and women alike and the great thing about it is that you don't need any prior knowledge or physical fitness. Within a few hours, you'll feel right at home amongst the other surf, fitness and sea lovers. The great advantage of the Sup is that it's fun rewarding and before no time you will find that you have become a surf addict!

Getting Started

• CONTACT US , sign up for a one hour trial lesson with a SURF CENTER instructor and jump into the water! Thanks to the extraordinary simplicity of Sup a one hour trial lesson is sufficient time to get acquainted with this amazing sport

• Sign up for a 3 session Sup course and learn how to stand firmly on the Sup, paddle in a straight line and fast, sharp turns; all whilst enjoying Eilat's superb weather and crystal clear waters.

•After the course, we offer discounted rental cards with a choice of 3, 5 or 10 hours so you can practice what you have learned in class.

• Now that you are completely addicted, we offer a range of Sups and paddles of all types and all levels of surfing

Why US?

SURF CENTER surf club has over 23 year's reputation and is a renowned marine trademark in Israel. All our instructors are professionally trained to the highest of standards; some of whom are Wingate graduates, majoring in sailing. A positive attitude, patience and a relaxed pleasant atmosphere is our prime superiority and ensures our students receive high standard service with a smile.
The club is located in Eilat on Coral Beach, opposite the Orchid Reef Hotel.
Fantastic weather all year round, comfortable water temperatures and perfect sea conditions have placed Eilat on the map as one of the world's prime resorts to learn Sup paddling.
For further information, please contact us at + 972 8-6371602

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