About Us

Surf Center has been a surf club for over 23 years, is owned and managed by Shay Ifergan. The club is located in Eilat on Coral Beach, opposite the Orchid Reef Hotel. Fantastic weather all year round, comfortable water temperatures and perfect sea conditions have placed Eilat on the map as Israel's prime surf resort. י.

Why Choose Surf Center?

We have over 23 year's reputation and classed as a renowned marine trademark in Israel. All our instructors are professionally trained to the highest of standards; some of whom are Wingate graduates, majoring in sailing. We have established and developed a unique and personal tutoring method where students are accompanied by a boat and linked to a walkie-talkie system, throughout training.

Surf Center is a ONE STOP SHOP when it comes to water sports and offers Winsurfing, Kitesurfing, Sup paddling, wakeboarding and kayaks. We also offer a range of other water sport activities such as inflatable tubes, bananas etc..

Surf Center Club

The club has been operating for over 23 years and offers surfers and sea sport lovers a huge selection of all the latest equipment from surfboards to sails in a variety of sizes that cater for all. Our amount and variety of equipment offers high standard solutions and service to anyone and at all levels from start off surfers to professional and international surfers.

The club conducts regular surfing competitions to promote surfers and the surfing industry both professionally and socially.

Surf Center School

The club runs a school teaching Sup, Winsurfing and Kitesurfing for all levels and at the highest of standards in Israel whilst using the most advanced equipment, communication devices, boats, personal and professional instructors .


All club activities (training, rental , etc.) are covered with full insurance.

Surf Center Educational Lever

More than sixty youth and soldier Eilat residents store their personal equipment with us on a regular basis and many other Surf Center club members make use of our various activities during the year. The atmosphere in the club, the club's instructors and senior members do their utmost to influence and educate younger members to be good, kind and willing in a positive atmosphere. We also encourage youth to work and employee them in their spare time.

Surf Center Location

The club is perfectly located on the shore of Coral Beach just in front of the Orchid Reef Hotel and in proximity of the Marine Pollution Prevention Station. The wind here is the strongest and most direct in Eilat and throughout most of the day, the wind is continuous without "cover-ups" that exist in most other shore locations across the country. Beach access is comfortable and mostly sandy and basically, our location is naturally cut out for Winsurfing and Kitesurfing.

Surfing has never been easier! Soft or strong winds, easy and simple dismantling and assembling the equipment, straightforward operation and increased levels of safety all ensure complete enjoyment that constantly attracts more and more addicts in however you choose to surf. If you're 8 to 80 it's fun, simple and "plain sailing"!

Surf Center Eilat

Surf Center Eilat