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You've completed your Kite-surfing course and you've bought all the gear, you want to practice and advance your style but not quite sure how to get about?

Surf Center has just the answer! We have established an innovative program for you to continue to practice in the safest way possible.
All you have to do is come to our Store and register with our Pick Up Service. Get your gear ready to go and be ready at the time you registered. Our team will give you a full safety briefing, check that you've correctly assembled your gear and make sure you access the water safely!

An hour's practice without having to worry how to get back to shore! After dropping you off, our team will report to one of our patrol boats your Kite colour and brand. The patrol boat will keep an eye on you and ensure your safe return to shore an hour later.

Our Pick Up Service costs 130 shekels, subject to prior registration and signing of safety briefing page!

You can purchase a package of five collections at a discount price of 520 shekels (no refunds are available after purchasing a package).


Please Note:

Pick Up Services are only suitable for only for those who have completed an organized course!!! You must be able to control and maneuver you Kite properly, be able to surf independently and to abide by the Pick Up regulations!

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